Cerrigydrudion Community Council


Cerrig y Drudion Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on 11th of May 2022.

Present were Guto Jones, Ffuon Williams, Einion Edwards, Prys Ellis, John Jones, Llio Morris, Carol Humphreys(Clarke), and Councillor Gwennol Ellis.

Apologies from Menai Hughes, Maria Roberts and Trystan Humphreys.

The Clarke welcomed Councillor Gwennol Ellis as our Uwchaled Ward County Councillor and Llio Morris as a Community Council member.

The meeting was chaired by our vice chairman Prys Ellis in the absence of Chairwoman Maria Owen Roberts.

Officials were elected as follows     Chairperson    Maria o Roberts

                                                              Vice chairperson   Prys Ellis

Declaration of Acceptance of office   were signed by our 9 Community Council Councillors.


Register of members Interests    forms filled and signed and returned to the Clarke for safe keeping.


The last minutes were signed as correct.

Matters arising to follow in the agenda.

[1.0]  Painting of Parish Room   two quote received  - work to be carried out by Glyn Davies.

[1.1]  Audit   the annual returns has been completed by the Clarke and also the internal auditing has been completed by Teleri Jones.  The accounts were approved by all the councillors present and signed by the chairperson.

[1.2]  Conwy Borough Council  summer play scheme.

[1.3]  Cerrig y Drudion Educational Foundation letter of thanks received for the £200 donation given last year to the foundation and it was agreed to donate another £200 also this year.

[1.4]  Conwy Borough Council  no domestic tax to be paid for the library.

[1.5]  Kids with Cancer letter received asking for a donation   no donation given at this point in time.

[1.6]  Rhys Harris  letter stating that the accountant is willing to pay the new hiring fee.  Due to the rising cost of electricity and heating oil.

[1.7]  Llangollen National Eisteddfod    letter asking for a donating.  No donation given at this time.

[1.8]  Cerrig y Drudion School – letter of thanks for our donation.

[1.9]  Hope House   letter of thanks for our donation .

[2.0]  Burial Fees   the new fees were reviewed.

[2.1]  Defibulators -   it was noted by Tomos Hughes that the life of the batteries is expiring and in need of replacing at a cost of £67.00 each – the community council to pay for all 4 diffubs.

[2.2]  St Michael Church    hire payment received for the use of Parish room.

[2.3]  Conwy Borough Council    the precept received.

[2.4]  Conwy Borough Council  Tax bill for the parish room.

[2.5]  J C Evans invoice for the hedge cutting of cemetery.

[2.6]  Arian Byw    invoice for the internal auditing 2021/22.

[2.7]  One Voice Wales   membership payment.

[2.8]  BHIB   Council insurance.

[2.9]  J Humphreys and Co invoice for the drainage work caried out at cemetery.

[3.0]  Clarke s salary 

[3.1]  Cerrig Library  the community council to thank Peter Lewis for planting the flowers outside library.

[3.2]  Conwy Borough Council  potholes at end of Cae Llwyd lane to be reported.

[3.3]  Hayden Roberts invoice for the grass cutting of cemetery.

[3.4]  Traffic speeding   were noted and Councillor Gwennol Ellis will report to Council.

[3.5]  Footpath Councillor Gwennol Ellis will look in to the possibility of having a footpath up passed the school.